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At Narelle's Astro we offer a variety of learning options so you can 'poke your toe in' or 'dive right in'!  Our online astrology classes offer the flexibility of learning at your own pace and in your own time.  Group classes are ideal for those who want a monthly get-together with like-minded individuals. Private tutoring offers a personalised one-on-one experience with Narelle whose undivided attention is dedicated to your needs.

FREE Astrology Class:
The History of Astrology

Learn all about the wisdom of the ancients in this 2-hour interactive online elearning presentation.  Watch videos, read articles and test what you've learnt

in a quiz!  It's easy, fun and downloads into your web browser in a couple of minutes.  Discover how the Babylonians used Astrology over 5000 years ago and which royals and presidents consulted with astrologers for important state decisions. 


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