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Narelle's Astrology Readings

About Narelle

Narelle Duncan Astrologer
Astrologer  |  Naturopath  |  Counsellor  |  Author  |  Speaker 

Ever wanted the rule book to life?  Astrology has the answers!

I discovered the art of astrology and the ancient wisdom it departs in 2002.  As a Naturopath I was searching for a modality that would answer the big questions....


Why am I here?

What's my life purpose?

Why does this keep happening to me?



"I'm passionate about Astrology"

In my search, I came across a psychological model of Astrology that was soul centred.  This form of astrology taught me how to read a horoscope chart and understand a person's psychological themes.  It helps to answer why we do what we do and more importantly how to create our potential, dreams and desires.


Narelle's Astrology Readings

Narelle is able to decipher an individual’s soul purpose encrypted in their horoscope chart.  Her specialty lies in highlighting life lessons and teachings and providing knowledge and tools to stay ‘on track’ with life’s destiny.  Like a road map, Narelle’s Astrology Readings reveal the intricacies of our personality and why we attract certain people and circumstances into our lives.  Narelle believes in making the best of any given situation and passes this enthusiasm on in her astrology readings.  She gives the ‘heads up’ for the coming year’s events so you can prepare, readjust and get on board with your soul mission.  Narelle regularly conducts personal soul purpose readings and 1-on-1 coaching and tutoring sessions in Burleigh Heads – Gold Coast, Australia.

For the past 30 years, I've enjoyed living my passion.  I've combined my skills as an Astrologer, Naturopath, Counsellor, and Teacher to consult with clients all over the world - helping them get clear about their life purpose so they can reach their potential and live their best life!

Astrologer - Diploma of Astrology

Naturopath - Adv. Dip. of Naturopathy

Counsellor - Bach. Psych. (Hons)

Teacher - Cert. IV Assessment & Trng

Member - Fed. Aust. Astrologers

Member - Assoc. Prof. Astrologers

Guest speaker

Radio presenter


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