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$90 per 1/2 HR

Soul Purpose Reading + Future Forecast

Using your birth data, Narelle deciphers your soul purpose from your horoscope chart including life lessons, sacred contracts and your past life mastery.  PLUS she reveals the upcoming themes and experiences over the next 12 months.  Get the heads up for the coming year so you'll know when to start things or hold back to stay ‘on track’ with your soul purpose and destiny.

1.5 HRS


Soul Purpose Reading

Using your birth data, Narelle is able to decipher your soul purpose encrypted in your horoscope chart.  Like a road map, Narelle reveals the intricacies of your personality and why you attract certain people and circumstances into your life. Her specialty lies in highlighting life lessons, sacred contracts, past life mastery and your soul purpose.  Your reading will provide you with direction and tools to stay ‘on track’ with your soul purpose and destiny.

1 HR


Future Forecast Reading

Whatever your focus, Narelle helps to reveal the themes and experiences over the next 12 months so you can prepare and plan ahead.  Are you destined to meet the love of your life, buying or selling property, or changing career?  Narelle gives you the heads up for the coming year so you'll know when to start things or hold back.  Stay ‘on track’ with your soul purpose and destiny.

1 HR


Love Life Forecast Reading

Confused about your relationship and wondering where it's heading?  Are you with the right person for you?  Narelle uses your horoscope charts to check your relationship compatibility.  She can decipher the invisible chemistry that draws you together and the personality clashes that pull you apart. Can your relationship survive? Narelle takes a look into the next 12 months to see what's in store for you.

1 HR


Career Direction Reading

We spend more hours a week at work than anywhere else right?  So we might as well do something we love!  Your horoscope chart describes your best attributes and reveals your vocational calling.  Narelle can decipher your chart to provide clarity on your career direction including key times in the next 12 months to make changes.  Consult Narelle to make a plan to create a career you love!

1 HR


Follow-up Reading - I just have a couple of questions!

If you've had an astrology reading with Narelle and need a booster session, wish to clarify your soul purpose or just have specific questions about the next 12 months and only need a quick session - book a 30 min top-up reading.



Rectification - I don't know my birth time - calculate it for me!

If you don't know your birth time - the first recommendation is to check your birth certificate, ask relatives and contact the records department of a hospital to retrieve your birth time.  If you have exhausted all these channels, then we can do a process called 'rectification' to determine your birth time.  This process requires you to provide me with a minimum of 10 important dates in your life (month & year) e.g. births, deaths, marriage, divorce, house moves, major travel/moves etc over your life-time with a brief description of the event (Married 4/1/2000 - exciting day, a couple of mishaps but was happy).


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